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Our products are designed and tested to their limits on our personal vehicles and by our amazing customers which consist of global trekkers, full-time van lifers and weekend warriors.   We ship worldwide and our products have proven themselves on every continent of the globe. From the deserts of Baja, to the frigid waters of Iceland and the arid outback of Australia, and most anywhere else you can imagine, Van Compass parts have been there and made the adventure more enjoyable.   We pride ourselves in not being salesmen. We are enthusiasts who are here to listen to your needs and help you get the most out of your #vanlife experience.   We aren’t here to sell you everything in the catalog to make a buck. We make components that are built to function without compromise, fabricated with the utmost attention to detail and precision welded in-house by true enthusiasts so you can get out there and Van Further with Van Compass Hardware.

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