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Be My Van

Our vans are designed to make outdoor living friendly and accessible, regardless of your vanlife experience. Built and designed with the luxury of a house, we ensure our comfortable B-Vans make your travels feel safe and easy. Wherever you go, you’re home!

Searching for a new type of camper, with the size of a van and the look of a modern home? The B-Home is what you’re looking for. Our best-seller for a good reason, as it integrates an indoor shower, the holy grail for travelers.

If traveling is your obsession and you want to be able to go anywhere on an impulse, the B-Adventure is made for you. Easy to drive, park hands down, yet a nice and comfortable indoor setting.

Are you an online worker? Do you enjoy traveling? Don’t wait for your off-days, the B-Digital will take you to the outdoors. With its workstation and satellite WiFi, your new home and office is now wherever you want to be.

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