March 23, 2022

7 Vanlife Blogs and YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

Discover some of the best Vanlife content creators to be inspired by.

The vanlife space is jam-packed with some of the most inspiring and educational content creators around.

If Vanlife is becoming a strong consideration for you, it's time to go down the rabbit hole that is: van build how-tos, vanlife stories, and travel tips. The vanlife space is full of great content creators who have chosen to share their experiences, best practices, and mistakes to avoid.

Here's a list of just some of our favorite blogs and YouTube channels in the vanlife space!


Levi Allen

Levi has a really interesting channel and his T1N Sprinter build series is super fun to watch. Full disclosure, we've become friends. But before then, he has been one of my favorite creators to watch. He's a guy that is not afraid to try anything and his creative skillset with editing and putting together his videos is like watching a movie. Sit back and enjoy!

Living the Vanlife

The Living the Vanlife channel does a really good job at sharing what vanlife is really like. After spending years in a Vanagon he's now travelling around in a 4x4 Sprinter and he's not afraid to see what he can handle in an off-road environment.

Build Tips & Info

Here are a few accounts that do a really good job at documenting tips & tricks you should think about when building your van. 

Scott Adamson from The Wanderful

I might be a little bias here.... But I think I do a pretty good job at passing along information on what I've learned through out my last two van builds. You'll find a ton of information on our blog, my van build guide, or my YouTube channel.


Ken has documented his 144 Sprinter Van Build which uses 8020 (extruded aluminum). I think he was one the first people to really document all the unique ways you can use these material to frame a really strong and lightweight conversion. Make sure to check him out!

Humble Road

George at Humble Road has become the go-to guy for 8020 (extruded aluminum) builds. He's become a boutique van builder creating some one of a kind creations and you can tell his attention to detail and customer service are second to none. I highly recommend checking his channel.

Explorist Life

Nate and Steph from Explorist Life have a lot of really good van build videos and have now carved out a niche in the van build electrical space. They even sell pre-made electrical packages, which is something that a lot of people really struggle with. So if you are looking for help with your van electrical system make sure you check out his videos and contact him.

Custom Crafted Vans

Alex & Sara over at Custom Crafted vans have become good friends of mine and have done a great job documenting their builds and growing their van build business from San Diego to Boise Idaho. I can't wait to check out their new shop! In their videos and written content, you'll uncover different van layouts that could suit your needs.

Inspiration & Van Tours

These accounts do a good job at highlighting many different vans and the possibilities that exist when converting a van.

Jarrod Tocci

Jarrod has made it his mission to share all the most unique camper van conversion projects on his channel. His van tours highlight a wide variety of DIY Builds to Custom Upfitter builders, giving you a really good idea of what's possible. 

Advanced RV

Advanced RV do a really great job at showing what's possible on the Sprinter van chassis. Definitely check them out!

Blog Resources

For those of you who prefer their info in a written format, here are some blogs that do a great job at outlining things ranging from DIY Van Building, to Nomadic working, traveling, and general vanlife tips and tricks

The Wanderful

This is my Blog over at The Wanderful and I do my best to share everything that I've learned from 7+ years of being in this community.You'll find a lot of little tips and tricks, as well as things I wish I had known ahead of time.

Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory is an amazing resource for all things vanlife, hiking, and overall travel. I believe Kristen is working on her third van (second with Outside Van) and spends a lot of her year running her business and lviing in the van. Consider this blog a must-read before stepping into the world of vanlife.

Farout Ride

Farout Ride has one of the most detailed Van Build Blogs on the internet Top 5 I'd say. They completed a really nice build and did an excellent job at documenting everything they had learned throughout. I have found myself referencing his electrical layout more than once.

Well these are some of my favorite resources in the community. If you have any that I've forgotten or should take a look at make sure to reach out and let me know!

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