March 23, 2022

Our Favorite Campervan Accessory Companies

These companies make the vanlife essentials you can't live without.

Your van deserves only the best gear and accessories.

With the explosion of vanlife in North America over the past few years, the amount of awesome accessory companies that exist in the vanlife space is starting to grow along side it.

Here are some of the vanlife gear companies that we've got our eyes on.

The Wanderful

The Wanderful specializes in soft goods for the campervan market and is slowly beginning to expand their product line to include many other awesome camper van accessories. 

Flatline Van Company

The team over at Flatline Van Go is building an amazing product line from exterior racks and accessories to interior cabinet components that give any van a professional fitter feel.

After personally getting one of their sarafi racks, I can tell you the quality and customer service and attention to detail is amazing.

REDARC Electronics

REDARC is a company that got on my radar when I was looking for a company that provided an all-in-one monitoring system for the different systems in a van build. RedArc had the only available solution.

After some research I learned that not only did they have an amazing solution but they are one of the leading companies when it comes to electrical and solar components in the overlanding world. They have been huge in Australia for years and are now (thankfully) entering the US market.

Battle Born Batteries

If you have done any research at all on lithium batteries for your camper van conversion, you will have no doubt come across Battle Born. On my second build, I went with three of their lithium batteries and their customer service, support, and quality has been a pleasure to work with.

I think Battle Born and REDARC are in a battle to have some of the most helpful support I have ever had.

Owl Vans

Jon and the team over at Owl Vans are just crushing the accessories marketing for Sprinter Vans and I believe they offer Transit van parts as well. It seems like every month they are launching new products and with every one of those launches is something that you never saw coming.

I can't wait to see what other innovations they come up with this year and in the future for the community.

Van Compass

The OG's. Mark and Rob over at Van Compass are some of the best guys I've ever met. When I put the Van Compass suspension on my first van, I had no idea how big of a difference it was going to make in the overall ride quality of the vehicle.

Now whenever someone asks me about van build essentials, I not only recommend Van Compass, but I think it's almost a necessity. Most conversion vans are built so close to the manufacturer GVWR, which makes the Van Compass suspension upgrade almost mandatory, in my opinion. I wouldn't look anywhere other than the guys at Van Compass.

Scott Adamson


Coffee drinker, adventure seeker, below average photographer.